PLN 11.22.18

Texting and driving a school bus, an office cleaning with permission to write suboxone prescriptions, forged signatures for Amazon, guns, ‘I didn’t know I was pregnant at Sheetz’, and more!

Source Material

School Van Driver Crashed While Texting

Foster Care Abuse

Woman Has Baby at Sheetz

Cleaning Lady / Suboxone Prescriber

Gun at Pittsburgh TSA

Kids Involved in Accidental Gun Death

Monroeville Gun Show

Amazon Bid

PPG School Board Member, Signature was Forged

PLN 8.16.18

The best podcast in weeks. Grand Jury Diocesan sex report, Western Psych, Get Marty, shootings and ‘Stop Snitchin’, TSA at Pittsburgh international, terrorism in a trailer park, man struck by lighting, and so much more.

Source Material

Guns at Pittsburgh International

Pizza Boy Claps Back

T Repair Timeline

City Reopening Home Sale Probe

Stop Snitchin

Man Struck by Lightning

PPG Removing 2 Days Print

4 Shootings in 24 hours

Western Psych

Police Crash

Serial Arsonist

Get Marty

Grand Jury Report on Diocese

PLN 7.26.18

This week we cover the embarrassing marketing of Pittsburgh, Dispatches from Heroin Central, Smooth Criminals, trash criminals, Antwon Rose Jr Developments, new travel opportunities, Shazier’s undying determination, and more!

Source Material

Route 66 Crash

Smooth Bank Robbery

Ditched Stash and State ID

Book Thieves

Protestors Charges

Steelers Country

POV of Steel Curtain Coaster

Recreational Reefer


Ducky Tours

Baldwin Drowning